Our Classroom/Interest Areas

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Areas in our classroom: 

  • Our loft area  can serve as a literacy/quiet reading area, games area, or anything we want it to be.  
  • Under the loft, we have our house keeping area.  It has a "homey" feeling with a table, chairs, kitchen applicances, baby dolls.  Our students get to create meals for their friends!  We can use the area for many different uses.  
  • Literacy/Math area  contains puzzles, assorted learning games, ABC activities, counting games, number matching, sorting activities, patterning and more.
  • Science area includes color activities, magnets, magnifying glasses, nature items, and hands-on materials.
  • Tables allows us to use them  for art projects, play doh, drawing, cutting, and painting during Free Choice time.  These tables allow the teachers to work one-on-one with specific groups of students/individuals.
  • Jesus Time and Group Time area where we can hear Bible Stories, sing songs, dance, read books, discuss our Themes, and participate in fun learning games.
  • Sensory Tables allow the to enjoy the feel of many different textures, imagine and create, and just have fun.
  • Block Area  includes an assortment of different blocks, wooden, plastic, cardboard, as well as building manipulatives, people, animals, cars ands trucks, ramps, a castle, a farm, and two vehicle mats.  The children can be as creative as the want!
  • Writing Area allows the children to practice writing their names, their friends names,  letters/numbers, draw, scribble,  and make their own books.  It is only limited by their imagination.

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