Our Classroom/Interest Areas





Areas in our classroom: 

Our loft area serves as a literacy/quiet reading area, games area, or anything we want it to be.

Under the loft, we have our house keeping area. It has a "homey" feeling with a table, chairs, kitchen appliances, and baby dolls. Our students get to create meals for their friends!

Literacy/math area contains puzzles, assorted learning games, ABC activities, counting games, number matching, sorting activities, patterning and more.

Science area includes color activities, magnets, magnifying glasses, nature items, and hands-on materials.

We use tables for art projects, play-doh, drawing, cutting, and painting during Free Choice time. The tables allow the teachers to work one-on-one with specific groups of students/individuals.

Jesus Time and Group Time area serves as a place where we hear Bible Stories, sing songs, dance, read books, discuss our themes, and participate in fun learning games.

Sensory Tables allow the students to enjoy the feel of many different textures, imagine, create, and just have fun.

Block Area includes an assortment of different blocks, wooden, plastic, cardboard, as well as building manipulatives, people, animals, cars ands trucks, ramps, a castle, a farm, and two vehicle mats.

Writing Area allows the children to practice writing their names, their friends' names, letters/numbers, draw, scribble, and make their own books.