What's a defibrillator, you ask?

You've probably seen on television, or in the movies, scenes where a doctor applies paddles to the chest of a person who appears to be dead. These "paddles" carry electrical current to the heart. The medical team hopes that the shock will jolt the patient
back to life. The doctor shouts, "Clear!" Then the paddles are placed on the body, and the body twitches to life immediately. If the person is nonresponsive, the paddles are applied again.

Sometimes, the problem is simply an irregular heartbeat. Sometimes, there appears to be no heartbeat at all.

In any case, this church that I was visiting was learning how to use one! What a great idea! But I thought to myself, "I think there are many churches which, sadly,are experiencing irregular heartbeats, i.e., they're notbeating rhythmically. And some churches don't appear to have a heartbeat at all! What the church needs is a defibrillator! Something to wake them up! Something that will shock them back to life!"

The defibrillator we need is the Bible, God's word.

Sometimes, we need a couple of good paddles to the heart to wake us up! In the Scripture reading from Isaiah listed above,
the Lord has a remedy.

God advises us to "listen" (v. 3) to God "so that you may live."

We are also told to "seek the Lord while he may be found, call upon him while he is near" (v. 6).

We must "forsake" the things we do that are bad (v. 7).

When we do these things, our hearts will come to life.

The life of the church will be revitalized. God will "have mercy" and "abundantly pardon" us (v. 7).

Devotion by Timothy Merirll
Published in the HomeTouch Quarterly, February 28,2016 issue