"Here Be Dragons"—the words appear on two old globes. Pictures of strange beasts, such as dragons, were sometimes drawn on unexplored areas of maps. These were decorations and warnings. It made those places seem mysterious and dangerous. It's easy to imagine seeing a dragon on a map and being concerned. We fear what we don't know. We imagine the worst possible stuff happening. If someone made a map of your town, what would it look like? What if they drew scary pictures in every place you've never yet visited? What if they wrote "Here Be Wild Dogs," "Here Be Bullies," or "Here Be Bees"? Would you visit those places and find out the truth?

God doesn't want us to imagine the worst that can happen or to live in fear. Though we don't know what will happen tomorrow, God does. He wants the best possible futures for us. It's not God's way to ambush us with threats and mysterious warnings. He tells the truth straight up. If something is dangerous, like our sin, He tells us. But He doesn't stop there. Instead of just a "Beware of Sin" sign, He sends Jesus to take away our sins. He tells us to turn to Him for help. Where He is, God's love will always be ready to take us in.

Jonathan Schkade 
Taken from My Devotions, April 8, 2016, Page 49
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