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Why choose Christ Lutheran Preschool?

Beginning in September of 2018 Christ Lutheran Preschool will expand its half day  programming to include full day and extended care options to reach out to more families and provide the care and education that fits your family's needs.  Our program promotes socialization in a caring Christian environment. Not only do the children learn how to play together, they also learn good morals that can carry them successfully throughout life. On a daily basis, children are introduced to letters of the alphabet, numbers, colors, shapes, and various math and literacy skills. Christ Lutheran Preschool not only prepares children for their future learning but also for their future in the world.


Miss Lee Evans (director/teacher) 

Here is what some parents have to say about Christ Lutheran Preschool (May 2018):

"For the past two years we have had two of our children attend this preschool. It was so refreshing to find a preschool that was teaching our children about Jesus and located in our community.  We loved the proximity to our house, the friends our kids met and the knowledge they were walking away with. Both of our children grew so much from their time there. My husband is a pastor so it’s so important to us for our children to be taught the Bible and learn about Jesus. There is nothing sweeter than hearing my daughter sing her little preschool songs about Jesus. I’m amazed at all that she learns each week! Another HUGE blessing to us had been the class size. It’s perfect. I feel like my child is cared for and given the best education she could receive. Mrs Wendy has done an amazing job this year and my daughter loves her! 

All to say, this school is raising up little world changers!  I can’t help but think about the lives that will be forever changed all because they heard about Jesus at a young age. These children will carry all that they have been taught for the rest of their lives. I don’t think anyone should ever underestimate the gift this preschool is... not only because of the education but because of the hope they are finding in Jesus! We have loved our time at Christ Lutheran Preschool!"

"We are so very pleased with how you run your school. Our son is clearly learning so much, not just about many different interesting subjects, but also about Jesus, how to be part of a group dynamic, and how to treat friends. 

We like the culture in the classroom. We appreciate the balance of love and discipline from the teaching staff in modeling manners and helping children in resolving conflicts, support and encouragement, socialization, and having fun along the way. We look forward to another year of growth for our son at Christ Lutheran Preschool. Bless you for your good work! It is bearing fruit."

"Our purpose for sending our daughter to preschool was to prepare her for kindergarten, and I believe her experience in the past year did just that. She learned numbers and counting, letters and writing skills, and improved fine motor skills. She learned how to interact with teachers and students. She learned daily routines. She learned classroom rules (raising your hand, waiting to be called on, etc.). She developed friendships with other students, and respect and adoration for teachers. These were all things I expected her to gain from a preschool experience, and I have been very pleased with how the year has gone. 

What I didn't expect was her faith to expand so deeply and quickly. We have always been church-goers. We pray, read the Bible, and talk about faith at home. But the way the teachers have presented the church and faith aspect of learning in the classroom has been remarkable. She has given our daughter a firm foundation and unrelenting passion for Jesus. Our daughter is constantly talking about the Bible stories she learned in school, singing songs of praise, and even educating her brothers on all things Jesus. I truly believe this year of preschool has profoundly impacted her life in ways she will be uncovering for years to come. When this type of faith is your North Star, it will always help lead you in the right direction in life."

Christ Lutheran Preschool has a huge classroom perfect for exploration, discovery, socialization, and quiet time.

Areas currently in the classroom:

  • A loft area which can serve as the class libray, housekeeping area, games area, or anything we want it to be.  
  • Under the loft, we have had a stable at Christmas, an Igloo during our Polar Unit, our class library, housekeeping, etc.  There is no end to what we can use that space for.
  • Literacy Area with puzzles, assorted learning games, ABC activities and more.
  • Math and Science area which includes color activities, magnets, magnifying glasses, nature items, magnetic letters, counting games, number matching and identification, etc.
  • Tables for art projects, play doh, snack and lunch, as well as drawing, cutting, and painting during Free Choice time.
  • Jesus Time and Group Time area where we can hear Bible Stories, sing songs, dance, read books, discuss our Themes, and participate in fun learning games.
  • Dramatic Play area which can include housekeeping, our grocery store, zoo, space center, doctors office, or pet shop, to name just a few.
  • Three Sensory Tables where children can take time to relax, enjoy the feel of many different textures, imagine and create, and just have fun.
  • Block Area which includes an assortment of different blocks, wooden, plastic, cardboard, as well as building manipulatives, people, animals, cars ands trucks, ramps, a castle, a farm, and two vehicle mats.
  • Writing Area where children can practice writing their names, their friends names, their letters and numbers, draw, scribble, copy words from the word wall, and make their own books.  It is only limited by their imagination.