Welcome to Christ Lutheran Preschool, a place where every child is viewed as a unique and special creation of God.

Christ Lutheran Preschool offers families a caring, non-judgmental, supportive Christian environment. Children's development is enhanced by opportunities that meet individual needs of the whole child: spiritual, social, emotional, physical, intellectual and creative. The lovingly secure, age-appropriate environment is culturally sensitive and encourages children to learn through their play.

We have had a fun-filled, Christ-filled year thus far.   The children have been learning about Jesus and His great love for them, as well as themselves and their families, autumn, bats, spiders, pumpkins, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Polar Animals, and various social skills.  At almost anytime of day you can hear the children singing, laughing and learning!  They participate in games, math and literacy activities, outdoor play, sensory play, free play, and creative arts.  If you would like a tour of our preschool, please contact the office at 651-454-4091 and ask for Wendy Ewald.


What Families Are Saying About Us

"Although we don't attend a church, we really like that our child is getting a Christian education.  All of your religion lessons are such a good basis for teaching positive values and morals.  This past week our child's cat passed away and so did another family member.  She handled it in a developmentally appropriate way, but then also said, "Grandma will get to see the kitty in heaven!"  Further, our older child asked "Will they be ok?"  My child told him, "God will take care of them in heaven - that's His job!"  I was so comforted by her understanding of this, and how it encompasses the lessons you have taught her - it was a really neat moment."

"I love that the program was flexible enough to challenge my son with some pre-reading classroom instruction rather than just working on letters.  This is his second year of preschool, and his teachers noted he was ready for something more, which this preschool was able to provide.  He also just has lots of fun."

"Thank you for a very positive educational experience for our youngest learners!"